If you want to have your mail server blocked, feel free to send messages to dropthis@deus.net or iamevil@deus.net. Another one would be losethis@deus.net.


Under Construction

These pages have suddenly been put up in a hurry, because I had a need to disseminate some information fast.

They will hopefully be updated shortly. Apart from anything else, I need to put them under CVS along with the rest of the project.

What is Deus?

Deus is going to be a multiplayer, networkable, object oriented, extensible, internet based 'roguelike game'. It will share some characteristics with Angband, NetHack and similar works.

We are currently working in close cooperation with a similar, although different, project, called ORCS!. Check it out!

Deus's user-interface is currently undecided. At some level, for backward-compatibility, it would be nice to have a text-based interface. An isometric (Utumno-style) interace would be quite cool, and perfectly compatible with the text-based one. Also, a Myth style one would be fairly cool, although tricky... but that's dreaming. Back to reality.

To address proper extensibility and so forth, the project incorporates its own VM, with its own language (currently reminiscent of Java). This has its own page - DDL.

I have just (29th Dec 1997) put up some more information, gleaned from some long discussions with Ben, and of course the ORCS! list, here.

Who is Deus?

Thoughts? Comments? Offers of help, even?

This page is not really on general release yet. But I've told a couple of people about it.

But, please do send mail to us. I'll sort us out some decent email addresses soon.. I only just got this domain :)