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Emily, my wife, runs The Home Made Book Co.

Studenty-friendy people

Paul Sanders is doing Computer Systems Engineering here, so he is the first person I blame when something goes wrong in my hardware.

Julian Bean is a friend from waaay back. Sometime I'll be awake enough to write something a little more interesting about him but for now that's all you get. His page will tell you a little more about him... maybe.

Connie Dangler is a friend from Ney York that I met on a MOO. She visited me over new year and we got on really well in person too. See, sometimes there are Happy Endings.

Bob Cliff was my amazing flat rep in the first year. Responsible for a large proportion of our flat's diverse entertainment activities such as "getting pissed", "collecting beer glasses", and "taking the handle off Adrian's cupboard". Recently he is concentrating more on his own personal projects though. Like drinking 20 pints of Guinness on his birthday.

Monique Boulay is responsible for Paul never having any money because he spends it all on visiting her. In the US. Still... she's quite nice so I suppose she's forgiven ;)

Kara Perlot is ArchLiz of WackyMOO.

Parentishy-friendy people

The Barn Piece Web Site is definitely a work in progress. Or not in progress as the case may well be. But there you can find my brother, Dad, Katrina and Andrew. And my Dog. And her cat.

Mum and David's pages on The Tithe Barn Web Site. Demon Internet got around to giving customers web space just in time for them to set something up before they move to Spain.

OK, well that was a short category. I haven't really got all that many parenty people.