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Ben Felten

French by trade, his blues roots nonetheless come from the Windy city, his favourite vocalists being BB King and Buddy Guy. He supplements the band sound with the occasional harp solo, inspirations JJ Milteau, Junior Wells and loads of other brilliant blues harmonica players.

You can find his Web Page at

Ben Bell

Ben can usually be seen at to one side of the stage hiding behind a stack of keyboards. Although mostly just throwing chords around in the background he has occasionally been known to cut through with a keyboard solo or two when he gets excited, often showering the crowd in bits of ivory or plastic as he ruthlessly batters the sound out of his instrument.

When he's not playing or practicing he's either pretending to do a computer science degree, cooking and easting or sleeping.

He is also the maintainer of these pages, and has his own set about himself to bore you with.


Patrick Hogan

Some comments on Pat the Bass


Jon Sharp

Stuff about John.


Marcus Taylor

El Marco will noodle about on his guitar at the front of the stage for ages until he gets frustrated that people are still following what he's doing, when he will let rip with a blistering solo.

Speaks spanish, is heading for Mexico.

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