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Hard Acts To Follow


Queen have got to be one of the best groups ever. They maybe dead as a group now, but apart from all the material already out there there are the continuing solo careers of Brian May (guitar) and Roger Taylor (drums) to follow. Some Queen pages out there:

Brian May

Already mentioned above as Queen's guitarist, I think he's good enough to warrant a seperate web page.

Cozy Powell

Cozy Powell is one of the greatest hard rock drummers in the world, and is probably my favourite. He has played with everyone! When I first set up my pages there were no Cozy Powell websites out there so I set up my own.

Ronnie James Dio

Ronnie James Dio is one of the greatest rock vocalists around. He started seriously recording as a vocalist in a group called Elf back in the early seventies. Elf were discovered by Deep Purple's Roger Glover and through him Dio made contact with Deep Purple's guitarist, Ritchie Blackmore. Blackmore left Deep Purple and formed his own group, Rainbow, using Elf as his backing musicians. He soon fired them all except for Dio whose vocal and lyrical talents were obvious.

Dio eventually left Rainbow and since then has been the front man for Black Sabbath and now his own band, Dio.

Deep Purple

What can I say? These guys can play! Every one of them has to be one of the best in their instrument. There are quite a few web sites out there so I'll just point you to the Official Deep Purple Web Site and let you find your own way around. Once you've finished exploring that, check out the newsgroup where both Roger Glover (Bass) and Jon Lord (frighteningly good keyboards) have been known to contribute to the discussion.

Glenn Hughes

I've got a bit of a thing about Glenn Hughes at the moment. He's not the greatest there is out there, but since I heard him playing with Deep Purple on a live album I've not been able to get over his voice. Sure, he can be quite badly out of tune and over the top a lot of the time but there is a lot of raw talent and one of the widest ranges I've ever heard anywhere...

I've only got one album, From Now On, and it's so-so, but there are some really great bits in it - not least of which is a remake of Deep Purple's 'Burn'.


When I've got some time I'll probably go out and find some links and give some more attention to these bands but for now I'll just list them... Elton John, Billy Joel, Mike Oldfield, Jean Michel Jarre, Chris de Burgh, Samson (does anybody know this band other than me?).

Hmm... from all that you might think I am into soft music mainly, which I'm not (this is the guy who's broken 3 strings... on a piano). Time to go and dredge up some Skunk Anansie or something.